Senior Team

Shinobu Homma, Founder and Artistic Director

Shinobu is one of the original members of Canada’s first taiko group, Katari Taiko. He started his taiko journey in 1980 in Vancouver. In 1985, Shinobu moved to Toronto founding Wasabi Taiko, a small taiko ensemble that performed at a variety of events in the Toronto area as well as in the northeast USA. In 1992, he moved back to Vancouver and founded Chibi Taiko the following year to train children and youth including his six-year old daughter. Shinobu is an architect by profession. Taiko is his all consuming past time.

Jordy Riley, Assistant Artistic Director and VP. Player since 1995.
Rebecca Jang, President. Player since 1995.
Kento Konno
Matthew Armstrong
Natassa Uehara

Intermediate Team

Cassandra Horn
Kai Uehara

Junior / Beginner Team

Amina Iwanaka
Brooklyn Thom
Caige Udagawa
Cody Thom
Gaby Nakada
Isla Wong
Jordon Yang
Kiyomi Scott-Moncrieff
Koki Endo
Peter Volkov
Sage Ide-Mizoguchi